Here are the top ten reasons people fail their driving tests…
?Do you have a test approaching?
Have a look at the questions below.

✅ Do you feel confident in all of the points?
✅Can you confidently perform all of them without your instructors help?
✅How are your observations? 
✅Does your instructor have to remind you to check your blind spot? 
✅Do you plan ahead?

I aim for my pupils to pass their test first time, not take the test for experience and pass 2nd or 3rd time.

  1. Junctions
  2. Use of mirrors
  3. Control
  4. Positioning
  5. Move Off (safely)
  6. Move Off (control)
  7. Response to Signals (traffic lights)
  8. Reverse Parking
  9. Response to Signals (road markings)